The UAV engine shop is an acoustically isolated chamber divided into a control room and an engine room. Our engine testing chamber is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards, and is equipped with the facilities necessary to effectively test and identify all engine specifications, limits and faults. Moreover, our engine shop also allows us to ensure that the quality of our products directly corresponds to its documented specifications, as well as perform all maintenance services required by our customers.


Through our internationally certified aircraft sheet metal shop, R V CONNEX provides sheet metal works to the local and international aerospace industry. We are able to provide services encompassing repairs, modifications, service bulletins, airworthiness directives, and can be performed either on site or directly at the customer’s location.

Aircraft Harness Design and Production

Our state-of-the-art, in-house Aircraft Harness Design and Production facilities allows for all wiring to be produced and manufactured in compliance with the strictest international quality assurance standards, guidelines, approvals and regulations.

Our dedicated Quality Assurance team recognizes the importance of ensuring that these standards and guidelines are met and complied with each and every time, so as to ensure a final product of both quality and consistency.


Technology is continuously evolving and we recognize that it is imperative that we move forward side-by-side with modern advancements. For this reason, we have always been committed to the Research & Development of our systems, personnel and products, in order to stay at the forefront of technological advancement and to reach or exceed the capabilities of other nations. Our mechanical workshop was designed to adequately support the system integration of various systems and products, whether it be in terms of location, special equipment or specific technology. We also have training rooms and lab/test rooms, essential for the training of the company’s personnel to provide them with all the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills that are required.


In order to provide defense systems which are effective and up to standards, R V CONNEX has allocated space on site, inclusive of essential equipment for testing the integration of hardware and software components, testing and evaluation of the system after integration. We also perform post-upgrade tests such as upgrades to increase capabilities, upgrades for system expansion, or upgrades to support new technology. This readiness provides the customers with trust towards the systems they want to acquire and confidence that the system will be fully operational and effective.


In order to customize our products in a way that directly caters to user requirements, we built our own composite shop with specialized equipment and machinery. It allows for our engineers to build UAV molds from scratch, using data obtained from testing the aerodynamic model. Moreover, our dedicated composites processing shop also allows us to produce parts on-site from raw materials. Using the know-how and certifiable methodology from our specialists, we have the capability to build airframes that can meet all of our customer’s operational requirements.


Our cyber lab has facilities committed to research and development programs to defend cyber security threats against critical infrastructure. The facility is equipped with tools for cyber defense operations including cyber intelligence operations such as SOCINT (Social Intelligence), OVINT (Open Video Intelligence) and OWINT (Open Web Intelligence). The facility also houses other cyber-defense tools such as the Cyber Defense Range, a cyber-defense exercise tool and secure unified communication solutions for military and national security operations.

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