Database Specialist

  • •  Design and implement database systems to support company’s projects.
  • •  Maintain documentations on database design, functionality and specification.
  • •  Develop database specification and configuration files for management.
  • •  Collaborate with quality assurance, development, testing and production teams for the design, development and testing of database systems.
  • •  Perform database upgrades to support project needs.
  • •  Manage database project to ensure timely completion.
  • •  Maintain database production and testing environments
  • •  Install, configure and maintain database systems software and related replication software.
  • •  Plan and manage migration of databases.
  • •  Build automation scripts for daily operations of database management.
  • •  Evaluate future database technologies.
  • •  Determine the appropriate actions for fixing problems, identify and mitigate risks and implement solutions.
  • •  Develop and maintain database documentations.
  • •  Help the manager to allocate resources for database design and implementation./h5>
  • •  Ensure optimal database performance and availability.
  • •  Monitor utilization for capacity planning.
  • •  Monitor, analyse database performance and adjust database parameters to tune databases for optimal performance.
  • •  Plan and organize database activities regarding database improvement, e.g., performance monitoring, reliability, security, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, etc.
  • •  Recommend and implement database and replication solutions to support business needs.

Work Related :
  • •  Cyber Security
  • •  Real Time system
  • •  Online Learning platform
  • •  At least Bachelor’s Degree in e.g. Computer Science otherwise very experienced
  • •  3+ years in database administrator and technical support.
  • •  Knowledge in databases software such SQL server, MySQL, NoSQL and other databases software.
  • •  Knowledge of Object-Oriented Analysis and design techniques.
  • •  Knowledge of database theory and design.
  • •  Knowledge of database performance tuning.
  • •  Knowledge of database backup and recovery, and database storage management.
  • •  Knowledge of database HA feature.
  • •  Ability to work in a cross-functional team environment.
  • •  Good understanding of operating systems and storage management e.g., Linux, Unix or Windows.
  • •  Communication skills with the ability to work with both technical and non-technical users.
  • •  Ability to implement database projects with feature options.
  • •  Good problem-solving skills.
  • •  Cyber Security
  • •  Real Time system
  • •  Online Learning platform


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