Senior Software Engineer

  • •  Developing software application modules using disciplined software development processes.
  • •  Unit testing and implementing application modules from multiple systems the team has developed or modified, ensuring application meets needs of customer requirement
  • •  Co-ordinating with management team and software engineers to define and design scope for each project.
  • •  Leading technical discussion sessions with team members to analyse development requirements.
  • •  Preparing and presenting status updates to project leader/Project Manager for various projects.
  • •  Applying software improvement process to each development phases.
  • •  Providing specialist guidance and advice in particular technical areas, to influence direction or service quality.
  • •  Identifying ways to improve team operation to achieve efficiencies and results.
  • •  Analysing and managing possible impacts and risks that may have an effect to project schedule and report to group leader as well as update to team members regularly.
  • •  Co-ordinating with software engineers and test team to cross review system test scripts in order to ensure that the test scripts is written correctly and covers all requirements.
  • •  Discussing with project manager and group leader to solve the problem in case that it may impact the project schedule and budget.
  • •  Co-ordinating with documentation team to make sure that the changed has been recorded correctly in the relevant documents.
  • •  Co-ordinating with owners of other sub module/system to make sure that the change doesn’t conflict among all sub module/system.

Work Related :
  • •  Cyber Security
  • •  Command and Control system
  • •  Tactical Data Link
  • •  GIS
  • •  Military Operation/ System integration
  • •  At least Bachelor’s Degree in e.g. computer engineering otherwise very experienced
  • •  3-5 years of working experience in software development
  • •  Hardware knowledge is required to support machine software development.
  • •  Experience in Telecom application system, system integration and real time system.
  • •  Experienced of working with Windows, Linux or UNIX.
  • •  Knowledge of design pattern, UML and OOP
  • •  Preferably experience of traditional methods as well as agile processes
  • •  Experienced of Java and/or C++, XML, HTML, Web service, PHP, MySQL, Oracle etc
  • •  Preferably familiar with model-based design and test-driven development
  • •  Knowledge about distribution mechanisms (e.g. TCP, UDP)
  • •  Experienced of working with Windows, Linux or Unix
  • •  Preferably familiar with e.g. Eclipse, UML, .Net etc
  • •  Communication protocol.
  • •  Real time system.
  • •  Cyber Security
  • •  Command and Control
  • •  System Integration
  • •  Tactical Data Link


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