Software Engineer

  • •  Full lifecycle application development
  • •  To participate in requirement analysis and design of SW modules and components
  • •  Coding and debugging applications in various software languages
  • •  Object-oriented Design and Analysis (OOA and OOD)
  • •  Software modelling and simulation
  • •  Analyze information, determine, recommend and plan installation of a new system or modification of an existing system
  • •  Develop new system and maintain company legacy system
  • •  Perform unit test to developed source code
  • •  Integrate software with existing systems
  • •  Evaluate and identify new technologies for implementation
  • •  Support, maintain and document software functionality

Work Related :
  • •  Command and Control / Combat Management System
  • •  Ship Navigation / Sensor System
  • •  Tactical Data Link
  • •  Military Operation

Social and Professional :
  • •  Structured, open minded, goal oriented, analytical, outgoing and communicative
  • •  Has driven and ambition
  • •  Professional in dealing with documentation, processes and change management
  • •  Able to focus on internal project completion and internal customer satisfaction
  • •  Easy to work with and has the ability to participate in teams and networks
  • •  Displays behaviors that reflect the company values
  • •  Has high responsibility and self-motivated
  • •  Degree: Bachelor degree of Major Computer Engineer
  • •  Work Experience: 0-3 years in Software development

Computer Skill :
  • •  Java and/or C++, Java-native, XML and etc.
  • •  Windows / Linux OS command line operation
  • •  Preferably familiar with e.g. Eclipse, Qt, UML etc.
  • •  Preferably familiar with model-based design and test-driven development.
  • •  Basic understanding of network communication such as TCP/IP and UDP
  • •  Basic data communication such as Asynchronies, Synchronize HDLC on serial RS232, RS485, RS422 and parallel communication

Electrical Skill :
  • •  Basic understanding of electrical diagram
  • •  Language Skill
  • •  Well Thai listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • •  Fair English listening, speaking, reading and writing


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