TWI (Thinking while Working Innovation) Competition

Accepting Applications for TWI Competition Season 2 (TWI 2/2563)

The TWI 2/ 2563 project is held to encourage participation in workplace as well as create an understanding of RVC’s corporate culture together. We have the intention to support and encourage creativity of all employees so that our vision for the future can become a reality.

Therefore, the organizers of TWI project are very pleased to announce this competition for innovative ideas that can further improve RVC’s corporate culture.


To encourage employee participation and create an innovative culture for the company, focusing on creative thinking with various ideas that are original and unique.

We aim to improve the production quality as well as the operating process by applying theories and principles in innovative ways leading to inventions that can be of great value and use. This project hopes for participants to reflect upon their experience and freedom of creativity, leading to new ways of practice or new ideas that can contribute to the success of the company. Moreover, this activity will allow employees to have a deeper understanding of innovation, setting goals and have a vision to develop the company together.


  1. Encourage employee participation as well as create a united vision and understanding of the corporate culture together.
  2. Create values and a positive attitude towards innovation within the company for employees.
  3. Present opportunities to employees as well as encourage not only the diversity of ideas but also theability to apply tools and principles into the work process.
  4. Encourage employees to use knowledge, skills and experience to create valuable results, new ways ofpractice and new ideas, which in turn will lead to the success of the company.

Competition Eligibility

  • –  Is a currently full time employee of R V Connex who wishes to present innovative ideas
  • –  Can apply as an individual or as a team with no limit to number of team members.Presentation of the Innovative Project Must Include:
  • –  The background and importance of the problem
  • –  Principles of the Innovative Idea
  • –  Method and process of creating and testing the innovation
  • –  Related work plans in developing the innovation
  • –  Conclusion and use of innovationJudging of the Innovative Project
  • –  The initial idea and the potential of developing the innovation into actual production.
  • –  The idea is clear, attractive, clearly outlines the problems and has a clear overview
  • –  Has clearly presented a plan and a method of execution.


  1. Open for application from today – 31st July, 2020
  2. Applicants send details of your work (with no limitation to program used) to
  3. Applicants to present initial idea to the panel of judges
  4. The selected applicants will be announced by 15th August, 2020
  5. Applicants who have been selected will develop their innovative project
  6. Applicants send their work ( with no limitation to program used) to admin.twi@rvconnex. com within10th December, 2020
  7. Applicants present their innovation to the panel of judges
  8. The winner of TWI will be announced during the 2020 Company Outing