Not only is Thai Young Pioneers’59 Channel aimed to share experiences and life lessons of each person as a vehicle for motivation and inspiration for future generations, it is also a means for people to share and express their thoughts and impressions of working in National Defense and Security, whereby all individuals come from varying regional and educational backgrounds, however with one common goal and objective – to help foster, grow and develop our nation, Thailand.

TYP’59 Season 1 :
P for Perseverance – Episode 1 : Mr. Jetdilok Sribud
I for Intension – Episode 2 : Mr. Saharat Sarasongkram
O for Opportunity – Episode 3 : Mr. Bannakorn Petchthaweetham
N for Never Give Up – Episode 4 : Coming Soon…
E for Emerging – Episode 5 : Mr. Pinyo Mueangmeesap
E for Essence – Episode 6 : Pimnapha Srijan
R for Resilience – Episode 7 : Coming Soon…

Episode 1 – Perseverance

In the face of adversity, what would you do? We can choose to give up, or transform our problems by seeing them as challenges and overcome them. With perseverance, anyone can become a Pioneer.

Jetdilok Sribud overcame his personal challenges and became one of R V Connex’s Pioneers. Today he works as a flight test engineer and enjoys facing all the challenges life has to offer.

Episode 2 – Intension

Saharat Sarasongkram … who sets goals to learn. He discovered that setting goals is the starting point of success and that one can learn from experiences along the way.

Currently, he is working as a Test Leader in Product Development for R V Connex, and continues to share his experiences, mentoring juniors to understand the process of work and life.

Episode 3 – Opportunity

Bannakorn Petchthaweetham… prepares himself for opportunities by improving himself and learning from his mistakes.

Today, he is working as a Technical Specialist in Geographic Information System (GIS) for R V Connex.

Episode 5 – Emerging

Pinyo Mueangmeesap’s ideology is to change the world through giving, emerging through obstacles and realizing his true purpose.

Today, Pinyo Mueangmeesap works in Flight Control system design and development for Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) and continues his ideology to give back to the world through his work as an engineer.

Episode 6 – Essence

After having gone through a near death situation, Pimnapha Srijan finally understood the essence of life, as well as how she will continue to live it moving forward.

Pimnapha Srijan is currently working for R V Connex as a Finance Officer, in the department of Accounting and Finance.