Venture Capital

At R V CONNEX, we are also interested in helping keen entrepreneurs and innovators build their start-up and materialize their visions and innovations not only through funding, but also through our knowledge, experience and expertise.
We hope to take an active role in helping to establish and grow your company to greater heights, and in navigating through the various difficulties and challenges start-ups naturally face.

GATI: The Importance of Promoting Thai Innovation

The inception of R V CONNEX saw the formation of an alliance initiative called “Gathering to Advance Thai Innovation” (GATI). “GATI” is a Thai term meaning coconut cream, which originates from the Thai idiom “Hua Gati”. “Hua Gati” translates to “pure coconut cream”, and by extension, “the creme of the crop” or “the elites or experts”
GATI was formed with the recognition that this collaboration is central to the achievement of our most important national development goals, policies and objectives. GATI is a long-term initiative that reflects our utmost commitment to elevate Thai Innovation by gathering and joining forces between talented minds, driven individuals and institutions across a multitude of disciplines and sectors
We believe that the advancement of our national defence and technological capabilties are at the heart of one day achieving the lofty goal of becoming a self-reliant nation. This can only begin by the fostering of bright ideas and innovation in future generations through sustained and productive multisectoral and multidisciplinary collaboration.

GATI Competition Season 1 : Aerospace Innovation Challenges

Here are some our alliances that embody the very spirit of Gathering to Advance Thai Innovation :