Code of Conduct

At RV Connex, we believe that the key determinant of our success, and the achievement of our company objectives starts with our employees. This encompasses a myriad of factors: acting with integrity under the constraints of the law, working and moving forward together as a team, and treating not only each other with respect, but also to those outside the organization. Our culture and values center around collaboration, honesty, acceptance and integrity, all of which are clearly reflected in all facets of our organization, and the various policies, frameworks, procedures that govern its operation, with these core principles at heart.

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

RV Connex is fully supportive of and realizes the key importance of Anti-Corruption measures, both on an organizational and national level, and its role in helping to eradicate corruption practices and its significant impacts on the national economy and the global environment as a whole. RV Connex does not condone any direct or indirect act constituting bribery or corruption as defined in this policy at any level. Given the above, it is crucial that our employees, executives as well as business partners conduct business activities legally and with full transparency within the constraints of not only this Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy, but also anti-corruption and anti-bribery legislation in the relevant jurisdictions.

Personal Data Protection Act

Our Board of Director at RV Connex issued and announced across our organization of the Privacy Policy in order to inform the director, management and employees collectively regarding their rights and the conditions for the collection, storage, use, process and disclosure of their personal identifiable information as well as customer confidential information. We also place a high importance on data security measure and cybersecurity measure, whereby we minimize digital risk and data loss through policy making, standardized work process, trustworthy IT infrastructure and Information Security team, as well as consistent employee’s awareness trainings and cyber drills.