RVC Through the Years

RV Connex was formed in 2016 as a local Thai corporation, with the hopes of elevating our national defense and security industry to greater heights. Today, RV Connex employs over 420 individuals and technical specialists, who continue to further our visions and goals by providing the best and most innovative products, services and solutions the industry has to offer.

RV Connex was established in

as a local Thai corporation

RV Connex employs


individuals and technical specialists


Over the years we have had many milestones to our success, all of which has crafted us to the reliable and resilient company we are today.

February 2017
First Flight of RTAF U1
Wing 3 Air Force Base, Watthana Nakhon, Sa Kaeo, Thailand
February 2021
Achieved CMMI Maturity Level 3 for Software Development
RV Connex, Thailand
August 2021
First Flight of U1-X
Wing 3 Air Force Base, Watthana Nakhon, Sa Kaeo, Thailand
September 2021
First Flight of Alpha Jet
Wing 23 Air Force Base, Udon thani, Thailand

Generation of Now


To foster a self-sustaining ecosystem by placing great emphasis on expanding national innovation and deep-technology competency for safer and smarter solutions in both physical and digital environments.


To cement our legacy by connecting and equipping the innovative minds and efforts of the old and the new, building industry-specific know-how and capabilities that transcends generational boundaries.


We take great pride in ensuring all our products and services meet or exceed international standards. Presently, we have been certified with several international standards encompassing a number of key areas.