Research and Development

Focusing on deep-tech innovation, our R&D projects are based on user demand and market driven requirements in response to modern-day challenges and threats. We provide a number of services, including:

  • Product development services to startups, or to those who may require technological, engineering, and advanced manufacturing support.
  • Mentorship on the development process, standardization, and scalability, including tech test and evaluation as well as growth strategy.

Advanced Manufacturing

  • RV Connex houses engineering operation facilities for mechanical parts production, cable and wire harness production, electronics and repair, communication equipment testing, as well as a state-of-the-art data center, which accommodates a high-performance computer for complex aerodynamic and structural integrity calculations.
  • Our various manufacturing capabilities and facilities allow high-mixed and low volume production with high precision machinery and advanced tools as well as software design tools which offer extensive and advanced design and manufacturing capabilities.
  • All of our manufacturing processes and facilities have been certified according to international standards.


We offer integrated support and service solutions for a wide range of aircraft, with experience working with both manned and unmanned platforms. We are capable of meeting operational readiness requirements by providing a wide variety of services for various types of aircraft.

  • Cockpit Avionics Upgrade for Various Platforms
  • Modifications, Integration and Installation of Avionics and Mission Systems
  • A-Kit Production
  • Special Mission System Design and Installation
  • Designed and Produced in Compliance to International Standards:
    • MIL-STD
    • AS9100D Certified
    • FAA-FAR
    • EASA-CS
    • MIL-HDBK-516
    • STANAG 4671
    • FAA Part 23
    • System Engineering Process
  • Quality Management System:
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • IPC-WHMA-A-620 : Cable Harness Production
    • IPC-610 : Electronic Assemblies
    • NDT : Non Destructive Inspection for Mechanical Part

Sky Scout Main Feature

  • High wing and propeller configuration ideal for surveillance and target acquisition.
  • 2-Stroke boxer engine provides 6 hours of endurance
  • Multi payload capability up to 10+ kg e.g. EO/IR sensors, laser designator etc.
  • Capable range of at least 80 km. In LOS with directional data link can be extended up to 200 km.
  • Ground Control station (GCS) provides for real-time control features, user-friendly interface for flight planning and fail-safe flight operation.
  • Transportable via custom designed container

Ground Control Station


UAS Simulator

Sky Scout

System Design and Integration

We offer solutions to meet operational and mission requirements for all domains, whether it be Land, Air or Sea. We work with subject matter experts to provide a myriad of services across the entire lifecycle.

  • Analysis Design and Production
  • Mission Equipment Installation and Integration
  • Structure Analysis
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Sheet Metal Part Manufacturing
  • Unmanned Aircraft System Design and Production
  • Integrated Operation Center (IOC) for Critical Infrastructure and High-Value Site Security
  • AI/ML Image Processing Application

Integrated Operational Center (IOC)

The IOC is fundamental to modern and holistic security operations, enabling smart decision making and fast, efficient solutions on a country, city, or regional scale.

Energy Infrastructure & Conservation
Natural Disaster & Emergency Service
Garbage Disposal & Recycling
Social Programs
Smart Building
Government & Agency Administration
Communication on Service
Real-time Reporting
Necessary Infrastructure
Environment & Air Pollution
Water & Wastewater Management
Transportation & Traffic Management
Public Safety
Fast Response to Resident Enquiries


C6ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Combat, Cyber Defense, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) is crucial to all military operations – with battle-winning technologies and fully incorporated C6ISR systems, militaries can achieve unmatched strategic advantage and mission success. Covering multiple disciplines and areas, our systems are able to answer specific C6ISR requirements to best support your armed force.

  • Combat Management System (CMS)
  • Command & Control System (C2)
  • Cyber Operation Center (CSOC)
  • Secure Communication and Tactical Data Link (TDL)
  • ISR Center (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center)


Satellite Integration:

  • High performance equipment and software dedicated to satellite manufacturing
  • Aassembly, integration, and testing of the satellite subsystem and satellite system levels
  • Customization of satellite payload to serve each user’s mission requirements

Ground Station Implementation:

  • Implementation of ground segment with high security based on cybersecurity or defense standards
  • 24 hours support and maintenance of the ground segment operations led by experienced engineers and satellite-technology experts

Satellite Image Production:

  • To leverage the geospatial insights and deploy the actionable intelligence for user operations
  • In-house development and implementation on satellite image applications strictly followed by international practices or the defense doctrine
  • Algorithms are flexible and applicable for integrating existing and new equipment


We offer threat detection and response at a different level. We are a pioneer of cybersecurity here in Thailand, with significant experience in providing defense-grade services to satisfy all sectors. With our internationally certified team of analysts and technical specialists, we are capable of providing tailored solutions for all types of users, whether it be at the national level, organizational level or down to individual use-cases.

  • Cybersecurity Consultation
  • Talent Development
  • Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC)
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Penetration Testing
  • Log Monitoring Service
  • Incident Response Service
  • Digital Risk Protection