RV Crew

Our Thai Young Pioneers

A vehicle for motivation and inspiration for future generations, this channel allows our Thai Young Pioneers to freely express themselves while working in the Defense and Security Industry. Although coming from varying regional and educational backgrounds, they all have one common goal - to help foster, grow and develop our nation, Thailand.

An ongoing learning platform where you can learn from a specialist, update skills, reskill, and stay in the know. Members of the corporate can easily share specific skills, insights, and experience as well as learn from one another in the knowledge sharing center.

Learn by yourself from the knowledge sharing center
Learn directly from a specialist in a specific profession
Knowledge Management:
Share your knowledge in a specific area, upload, and share with others on the platform

TWI (Thinking while Working Innovation) Competition

The TWI project is designed to encourage participation in workplace as well as create an understanding of RVC’s corporate culture. We have the intention to support and boost creativity of all employees so that our vision for the future can become a reality.

  • To encourage employee participation and create an innovative culture for the company, focusing on creative thinking with various ideas that are original and unique.
  • To improve the production quality as well as the operating process by applying theories and principles in innovative ways leading to inventions that can be of great value and use.

Internship Programs

We take pride in equipping individuals with practical and up-to-date skill sets. Our interns and trainees get well involved in a professional working environment, participate in real projects, gain significant experience and more importantly, have fun along the way.

Gain hands-on experience from seasoned professionals in the industry.
Develop your skills under the guidance of experienced mentors in a team environment.
Explore further job opportunities with us.